Curt L. Cassels
Sales Capability Leader of the Americas, Proctor & Gamble
Curt L. Cassels, At a Glance

Curt L. Cassels went to school to be a 4H agent. During his senior year of school, he worked at a Broadway SW retail store, where he was recruited into the sales management program. He first worked in the women's apparels division and then in the cosmetics section. Then, at Saks Fifth Avenue, he served as a department manager for four years. Afterwards, he was recruited by Chanel for the Las Vegas market as an account executive. He was later transferred to San Francisco, where Murad made him the head quarter account executive for Sephora Nationwide, and he was then promoted as regional director of sales. As such, he became one of three people to design and develop retail organizations for the United States.

Curt L. Cassels
Sales Capability Leader of the Americas
Proctor & Gamble
San Francisco, CA
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